Hogwarts Legacy: Wand Customization Showcase

Find out everything you need to know about Customizing Wands!

Once you have obtained a Wand in Hogwarts Legacy you shall create a bond with it and use it as your best friend when it comes to casting magic. That means that you and your wand will be as one, and having a perfectly customizable option of your preference is of the utmost importance.

In this article, we will cover how much you are able to customize your wand. Let’s get started.

Wand Customization Showcase – Hogwarts Legacy

You will obtain your wand by going to the store of Ollivanders. While inside there’s a very well-designed cutscene of how your character will suit some wands while others will not be good for them. This is a way of showing that the wand will be personal and attached to your story.

Other than that, here we shall present you with all the means and ways how you can customize your wand to your liking.

Wand Style

As you can see, you are able to play around with the style of your wand.

There are variations that you can swap out from and choose which are mainly the color and the material of how you want your wand to look.

Other than that, you can choose the pattern of the lines as well as the shape of your wand. You can make it straight, notched, or just a classic straight wand.

Here are all the styles you can go for:

Wood Style

The second thing you can change about it is the Wood Type.

This allows you to play with the small details of your wand as in the wood type material, how long it is as well as how flexible you want it to look.

This is how many possibilities you have when it comes to changing them:

  • Wood Type – 40
  • Length – 20
  • Flexibility – 20

Wand Core Options

Your last option will be the core of your wand. This is very important to choose because it will make the wand different in terms of casting spells and look.

There are 3 choices in total that you can choose from:

  • Dragon Heartstring
  • Unicorn Hair
  • Phoenix Feather

These areas are all the options available for your Wand Customization. We hope that this article has covered your questions about whether the wand system will be good or not.

In our opinion, they’ve made a fantastic job and each wand will be personal and very unique.

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