Hogwarts Legacy: Will It Be Included In The Xbox Game Pass?

Can I get a discount on that wand?

One of the biggest games that is riding the hype train right now is Hogwarts Legacy, a game that produces mixed feelings from various people even if it hasn’t released yet. On one hand you have people who want to boycott the game, while on the other hand some people just want to experience and enjoy the game. If you’re on the latter camp then you might be wondering if there’s a way to save money on this game, like getting it on Xbox Game Pass, if so we’re here to answer that question.

Will Hogwarts Legacy Be Included In The Xbox Game Pass?

For those who don’t know, Microsoft has a subscription service called the Xbox Game Pass, and despite the name it’s also available for PC users. It’s a monthly subscription service where you can download and play any game from their wide array of choices as long as you’re subscribed to it.

The price for his can be quite affordable and the amount of games you can play is well worth it, but people are wondering if the new Hogwarts Legacy game will be in Xbox Game Pass?

The short answer is no. For now there’s no news of the game being in the Xbox Game Pass, and as the days go by and the release date is nearing, hope for it is dwindling. We’re still hoping though, and you should too!

Keep an eye out for any updates and last minute changes for the availability of this game in the game pass!

Game Pass is such a great deal for gamers in a budget who wants to play a lot of great games, and there’s plenty of games in the past that released with it being available there. For now there’s no announcement of the game being in the game pass.

Many thanks to Gamerish for showing us this information, feel free to check out their video on the subject here: Is Hogwarts Legacy coming to Xbox Game Pass? – YouTube

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