Solar Ash: Pretty Fly Trophy Guide

How To Find The Pretty Fly Trophy

Solar Ash represents a journey through a surreal, vivid, and a highly stylized world filled with mystery, wild high-speed traversal, endearing characters, and massive enemy encounters. An essential part of this game is collecting various trophies. This being said, it’s not impossible to encounter a problem while trying to find all of them. 

Pretty Fly Trophy Guide Solar Ash

Select Mirrorsea on the map, as it is the location to find the trophy. 

When you appear in Mirrorsea move to the building which has an ancient face, it is surrounded by pillars. 

When you get here on the right there is a blue mass that looks like a cloud and moves up to the sky. 

When you get to the top you need to move straight along the green river until you get to two consecutive pink mushrooms that point you in the right direction when you step on them. 

You will find the exact location above in the picture. The mushroom will put you in a hole through which you just need to get down without touching the edges. 

This way you will win the Pretty Fly Trophy.

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