Honkai Star Rail: How to Unlock Path of Erudition | Simulated Universe Gold & Gears

A new path is added to the game!

Honkai Star Rail: How to Unlock Path of Erudition

A new Simulated Universe has been added in Honkai: Star Rail, bringing new challenges and a new path, Erudition.

We’re going to show you how to unlock the Path of Erudition and play the Simulated Universe of Gold and Gears. The new universe is a permanent content with a lot of rewards you don’t want to miss out!

How to Unlock Path of Erudition

Once you update to 1.6, a new mission will be in your journal, the Gold and Gears: The Beginning mission.

This mission aims to introduce the new UI layout for the Simulated Universe, how to access the Expansion Module, and the various mechanics employed in the new universe.

Head to Herta’s Space Station to begin the mission. Herta will explain about the Expansion Module that she installed in the Simulated Universe.

Click on the Expansion Module in the bottom left to access the Gold and Gear. This is also where you can find the Swarm Disaster mode.

The Path of Erudition is only available in the Expansion Module mode, not the general Simulated Universe worlds. To unlock this path, you must finish the entire Gold and Gears Simulated Universe to the Finale.

Honkai Star Rail pick Path of Erudition

For Gold and Gears, the Intra-Cognition is the key to finishing the Trailblaze secrets. If you glazed through the entire introduction, fear not, we’re letting you know the TL;DR.

  • There is a total of 3 planes whenever you enter the universe. You need to achieve the recommended Intra-Cognition value, which is indicated by the light green bar above the universe map.
  • Each time you clear the universe, aim for a different value, or simply follow the recommended value which usually points towards the value you have not yet cleared.
  • If you’re missing the value you want to be in, aim for the green Intra-Cognition rooms where you can adjust your value.

What is Path of Erudition About?

Path of Erudition is DoT damage but in the form of ultimate that continues to happen overtime, but at 70% damage. It relies mainly on the character’s ultimate damage and resonances well with Nihility and Elation blessings.

For those who haven’t been catching up to the new Simulated Universe, what does this mean? Picking Path of Erudition grants you Path Resonance ability and subsequent blessings add Resonance Formations.

Adding complimentary path’s blessings will give you Resonance Interplay. For example, below I’ve picked 9 Erudition blessings and then 3 Elation blessings.

This results in me getting the Resonance Interplay: Full Scan.

What To expect in the New Gold and Gears Simulated Universe?

Gold and Gears is very similar to the Swarm Disaster. But instead of Communing Trail, they have the Ability Tree and dice customization.

The domain is also capable of casting Path’s Resonance, such as The Hunt’s Rain of Arrows. And as you move on, you’ll be interacting more with Screwllum, Herta, Ruan Mei, and Stephen Lloyd who are all part of the Genius Society.

And that’s how you can use the Path of Erudition in Honkai: Star Rail now!

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