Tower Defense Simulator: How The Upcoming Update Will Change Event Towers

What is coming with Tower Defense Simulator’s Next Update?

In Tower Defense Simulator, there have been many event towers released over time that only show up in limited sales or other easily missable means that leave newer players struggling to catch up with those who have been around for much longer. Luckily, there have been some recent developments that may solve this issue.

How The Upcoming Update Will Change Event Towers

Recently, one of the game’s developers set up a poll in their official Discord server, where he asked whether or not people wanted to bring back event towers to be purchasable forever at the cost of coins or gems.

Tower Defense Simulator discord poll

Based on the results of the quick survey, the community generally liked the idea, and those who already owned certain towers would be compensated in some way, whether with a skin or other special rewards.

They also polled how people wanted each tower to return, if ever, and most players voted in favor of either recurring events or simply selling them for coins or gems.

Based on the survey results, the towers that are most likely going to be put on sale first will be either the Archer or the Necromancer.

Tower Defense Simulator archer

In addition to that, they are also looking into bringing back towers that were either rarely sold or never been put in the store in the first place, such as the Slasher and the Commando.

Overall, this is great news for everyone who plays Tower Defense Simulator, especially those who could not participate in the towers’ respective events due to a variety of reasons. Hopefully, they do this for pretty much every tower in the game, so that people can utilize strategies that were previously locked out for them.

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