Honkai Star Rail: It All Started With a Man and a Dog Difficulty 3 | How to Find Joy Filtration Set

How do you finish the objectives of this activity?

Honkai Star Rail periodically adds content to the game as they update it with new quests, characters, maps, and more.

Among the latest additions in the latest 1.6 Update is “It All Started With a Man and a Dog”, which is a mission that can be started in Herta Space Station.

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Without further ado, here is a quick guide on how to complete the third part of the chain.

It All Started With a Man and a Dog Difficulty 3 | How to Find Joy Filtration Set

The quest is generally easy to complete as you mainly need to follow the blue markers on the minimap. After getting to the first marker, you will be tasked with finding a way to open the door.

After taking control of Peppy, run out of the door and head over through the doorway near the end of the hallway. There, interact with the floating security robot.

HSR peppy talking to robot

Select “Let Peppy use your name”. After that, you will regain control of your character. Run out of the door and activate the panel at the end of the hallway to open the way to the next room.

There, attempt to talk to the butler. You will be teleported back a few steps away after the cutscene, and you will get control of Peppy once more.

HSR butler

As Peppy, grab the Freshly-Baked Cake off the table in front of you and the External Communication Records from under the desk further ahead.

Then, head downstairs and turn left. There, you will find an object that you can interact with. Give it the cake from earlier and you will get a new quest marker right behind you.

Follow it to get the Cosmic Fried Rice.

HSR NPC location

Next, after regaining control of you character once more, walk back over to the butler and choose the following options once the debate begins:

  • First lie – Present the Abnormal images from surveillance records as evidence.
  • Second lie – Pick the Cosmic Fried Rice (Overnight Edition).
  • Third lie – For the last statement, you must pick the External communication records.

Joy Filtration Set

For this step, after exposing the butler’s lies, turn around and enter through the door to your left. Follow the hallway until you reach the Sustenance Anchor.

HSR sustenance anchor

There is currently a bug affecting this step, so in order to complete the objective, select the Pause and Save option and log back into the game.

After logging back in, talk to the robot and click on Continue Challenge to go right back to where you were before leaving.

Next, simply enter the room and fight the enemies there. After beating them, you can now interact with the object at the end of the room.

This is the Joy Filtration Set and picking it up will complete the quest!

HSR enemies

And that is pretty much it for the “It All Started With a Man and a Dog” quest chain in Honkai: Star Rail. The challenge should be completed as intended if you followed all of the steps in this guide, especially the part where you have to log out and back in.

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