Honkai: Star Rail – Stellar Shadowseeker Seventh Stop Picture Locations

Who could this lady be?

Honkai: Star Rail – Stellar Shadowseeker

We’re finally on the Seventh Stop, the final stop of the photography event Stellar Shadowseeker in Honkai: Star Rail. And per usual, we’re going to help you find the subjects of the pictures that March 7th wants to restore.

It’s been a fun ride as we get to see old sights and maybe even get a new perspectives of Jarilo-VI, Herta Space Station, and the Parlor Car with these pictures.

Stellar Shadowseeker Seventh Stop Picture Locations

For today’s pictures, you might be a little stunned to see the silhouette of a whale and the location being the Astral Express. Are we going to see the Narwhal in the game?!

Honkai: Star Rail – Stellar Shadowseeker Seventh Stop Picture Locations

Sorry to burst your bubble, but the whale is actually the pretty lighting that decorates the Parlor Car. You can see the whale by looking up, a truly majestic piece of decoration in the Parlor Car! To get a view of the entire lighting, just walk to the far end of parlor and snap your picture!

The second picture of the Seventh Stop is a silhouette of a girl, and you can guess who it is! Head to the next car and find March 7th room. Take a picture of her and then she’ll ask for you to take a selfie together. What a fitting ending to the event, don’t you think?

With that, we’ve finished the Seventh Stop and the entirety of Stellar Shadowseeker event in Honkai: Star Rail!

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