How to Link Your Honkai Star Rail Account to PS5 | PC – Mobile

Cross platform progression.

Link Your Honkai Star Rail Account to PS5
Link Your Honkai Star Rail Account to PS5

The highly acclaimed RPG game Honkai: Star Rail is now available to play on PS5 and we’re going to show how you can link it. Linking your device allows you to continue your progress across different platforms, including mobile and PC. Cross progression in Honkai: Star Rail is similar to its other games. You can continue your game at any point on any available platform as long as they’re linked.

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How to Link Your Honkai Star Rail Account to PS5

Linking your Honkai: Star Rail account on PS5 is easy. It should automatically be using the same account as your Genshin. However, you may be using a different account for Genshin and Honkai: Star Rail.

After launching the game for the first time, the game will immediately prompt you to link an existing Honkai: Star Rail account to your PSN account. We highly suggest that you make a HoYoverse account if you haven’t already for cross progression purposes.

Make sure:

  • You haven’t started the game on a blank new account because it’ll link the blank account and wipe your existing progress (recovery is possible).
  • To be on the same region between PSN and your Honkai: Star Rail account.
Link Your Honkai Star Rail Account to PS5

What you need to do if you’ve started on a new progress on your PS5, link it to a throwaway account, then unlink that account from the HoYoverse account webpage.

Then, start the game again and it’ll ask you to login an existing account if you have one.

Do note that only one HoYoverse account can be linked to PSN. So, if you’re using multiple accounts, you need to another PSN account for that.

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