Hotel Renovator Review: It’s Time to Redecorate

Clean, renovate, decorate, expand – rinse and repeat!

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After being live for more than a week now, Hotel Renovator has many fans of the simulator genre very interested, and from what we saw, it’s for a very good reason! Coming to us from Dust and Two Horizons, two studios that focus mostly on the renovator niche, it looks like an interesting way to kill time.

Is it as fun as the game, it’s likely inspired by, House Flipper, or is it not worth your $20? Let’s find out!


In order to start off strong, let’s talk about customization.

The main element of the game that the devs absolutely nailed is the freedom to express yourself. Are you an interior design enthusiast, or are you, perhaps, into silly aesthetics – cute kittens painted across the entire room, that sort of thing – or are you simply an enjoyer of vintage styles?

Whether you fit into one of these groups or your taste is something entirely different, Hotel Renovator has something for you. Available to you are hundreds of choices of tiles, floors, carpets, all sorts of furniture… there is simply too much to count, and you will never run out of unique things to decorate your room with.

The game has something to offer to everyone on the aesthetics front, and it’s far from the only thing that stands out. Keep reading to see whether or not the graphics can keep up with the customization choices.


The aesthetics set the bar high, but graphics are not far behind either.

Whenever you set down walls, floors, tiles, and anything else really, you’re met with a nice little animation of the decoration falling into place. It’s not a very big factor, but it’s a nice touch –  it adds a bit of flavor – and it definitely helps to keep the experience immersive and just generally more interesting.

Pretty clean visually, isn’t it?

Something that definitely does not match the level of the previous elements are the characters.

If you end up buying the game, you’re undoubtedly going to agree with the following – NPCs in Hotel renovator are comically terrible. Whether they were intentionally made this way or not, they’re extremely glitchy, to the point that they’re sometimes flat-out terrifying.

Aside from sometimes turning into abominations, they also don’t really do much – they just wander around without any real purpose, almost as if they’re only there to fill the space.

“Oblivion” NPCs are funny though, they don’t take away from the experience and can only add to it as it’s fun to observe them sometimes. Who knows what they could turn into next?


Last but not least, the gameplay flows quite nicely, making it an excellent way to zone out and relax.

You start off the game by inheriting the hotel from your grandfather, but the state in which you find it is worlds away from being called even presentable. The game does have a story, but it’s mostly based on subtle clues you discover along the way, so the main thing occupying you is going to be renovating… duh.

Initially, you’re going to spend a lot of time mopping around, and clearing out the trash before you can put down new floor tiles, etc. You’d think it would get monotonous after a while but, surprisingly enough, it stays relatively fresh all throughout the experience.

Clean animations across the board certainly help the game stay fresh, but there’s more than that to break the routine.

Hotel Renovator is full of gimmicky features and random interactions that keep things interesting – these will not be covered in detail to avoid ruining the surprise for anyone, but a few hints won’t hurt anybody: ghostbusters, and chicken!

They’re two separate gimmicks, not connected to each other in any way, but if they catch you off-guard as much as they did me, you’ll get a nice laugh out of it.

Hotel Renovator Review

Milan Solarov



Overall, the game provides a great way to relax and give your brain a break, just like cleaning in-real-life does for some people. What it lacks in the story department, it more than makes up for with clean graphics and immense customization, as well as random gimmicks to break the monotony.


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