How to Have the Perfect Draft in WWE 2K23 GM Mode

The best draft can help you win.

As a general manager for WWE superstars, you will need to make sure that you are drafting the best of the best. That can be hard to do sometimes, as you never know who really is the best among them.

Being strong doesn’t mean they’re the best, you need to look at other factors like Popularity and Star Power and such. If you do overlook them, then you are just making things harder for yourself. In this guide, we will show you how to get the perfect draft in WWE 2K23’s GM mode.

WWE 2K23 – How to Have the Perfect Draft in GM Mode

Before we start, I advise you to forget everything you know about these WWE stars. All their accomplishments and feats in WWE do not matter in the game, because the game functions differently when it comes to these things.

When you are drafting your superstars, you need to focus on three things: Stamina, Popularity, and Star Power. These are the key stats that you will be focusing on when drafting.

The reason why for that is because being a general manager, you are not going to be fighting. You are going to be managing from the sidelines. You will not be fighting anyone anytime soon; your drafted stars will do that for you.

It’s your job to make them look good, and that’s what you will do. Picking out the ones with Popularity and Star Power ensures that you will be garnering a massive audience.

With such a massive audience watching the match, your fighter needs to put on a good show. That’s where Stamina comes in. With enough Stamina, your fighter will have enough energy to put on a good show, earning some good ratings that will increase their Popularity and Star Power.

When you are selecting, don’t forget to add some variety to your classes. You have Bruiser, Fighter, Cruiser, Giants, and Specialists. These classes have opposite classes that when paired together, will generate a lot of ratings and such.

Bruisers pair well with Fighters, Cruisers do well against Giants, and Specialists are the all-rounders that will work well with other wrestlers but don’t expect them to get a huge boost.

You should also make sure that you have two Heels and two Faces in your draft. Heels and Faces are just like Bruisers and Fighters: they go well together. Having a Heel face off a Face will help in entertaining the people.

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