How Does Saving Work Explained in No Rest For The Wicked

Let’s not risk losing our hard earned victories!

No Rest for the Wicked is a brand-new action role-playing video game set in the year 841. As a player, you assume the role of a Holy warrior that must investigate a plague called the “Pestilence”. The player travels far to the island of Isola Sacra to discover the mysteries surrounding this plague. 

After a long day of playing, you’d want to save your game so you can continue where you left off for the next time. Instead of typically relying on games to Autosave, we need to investigate if the games you play actually have that feature. And at times, your anxiety will want you to double check and save again. 

Which is why in this article, I’ll show you how Saving works in No Rest For The Wicked.

How Does Saving Work Explained

Unfortunately, the game does not have the Autosave feature that saves your progress for you when you die. If you exit the game, the game will save, and you’ll end up at the location you last were. But the same cannot be said if, let’s say, you lose your life in a battle. 

So, how do you save in the game to prevent losing progress when you die?

The answer to properly saving your game in No Rest For The Wicked and ensuring none of your hard-earned victories were lost, is for players to find and interact with a Cerim Whisper.

Cerim Whisper in No Rest For The Wicked

What are Cerim Whispers?

Cerim Whispers are special locations that give you an opportunity to rest and save all progress up till that point in the game. It’s also the place where you’ll respawn if you happen to die and remember to save at one of the locations. 

Where can one find Cerim Whispers?

Locations of Cerim Whispers are marked by bright blue streams of light, as shown in the image below.

Cerim Whisper in No Rest For The Wicked

This is what the icon for Cerim Whispers looks like in the Map. Whenever you find a Cerim Whisper, it gets marked on your map. This feature helps a lot since it’ll display a nearby Whisper that is near to you should you decide to save and rest. 

Map of Cerim Whisper in No Rest For The Wicked

There aren’t too many Cerim Whispers along the main path of the game. Instead, they are spread out enough to cover a major part of the map, so you can save before traveling too far away from the last checkpoint. 

Do Cerim whispers completely heal you, too?

 No Rest For The Wicked

Cerim Whispers can only respawn you back to full health but will not heal you when you’re on the go. You need to eat food for that purpose. Look for any campfire in No Rest For The Wicked to cook food. This will replenish more health than raw ingredients would.

Campfire in No Rest For The Wicked

Players should stop and save at Cerim Whispers whenever they do find one if they don’t want to risk losing progress and rewalking a lot of steps if they happen to die later in the game. Your gear also loses durability points so the aim is to avoid this as much as possible. 

This way, If you do end up dying, you’ll respawn at the last Cerim Whisper you visited. So don’t forget to save your progress as much as you can and at any Whisper you find! And if you’re done playing the game and would like to call it a day, before you risk losing anything, you might want to check out this guide on How To Exit The Game in No Rest For The Wicked!


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