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Do you love teamwork and horror? GTFO is a horror shooter game that offers a 4-player experience with a focus on alien horror and beasts. But you may be wondering, how much content is there in GTFO?

GTFO – How long is GTFO?

GTFO follows a team of 4 characters descending into a research facility. The Warden asks you to clear the Rundown, relying on resources you can find and a cooperative strategy with your team.

Currently, the game has ten playable maps. This alone can cause you 50 to 100 hours to complete with your team. The maps themselves are challenging to complete, which may cause you to invest multiple hours just to complete one.

There are also 15 weapons in the game and if you aim to master all of them, it can add more hours to your playtime. Other than that, there are other secondary objectives for each map, adding more content for you to play.

While the maps are not that replayable compared to other games, GTFO does have a rundown system.

After a few months, the maps themselves will be replaced with new, challenging maps. This system can keep you invested in the game for a months-long end!

Good luck clearing the Rundown!

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