How To Dethrone MINECRAWLER QUEEN – The Chronicles Of Myrtana: Archolos

It’s time to step down, Minecrawler Queen!

Whether you are a mage or a warrior, beasts like the Minecrawler and Wolves are challenging especially at the beginning of the game. The Minecrawler Queen is a terrifying beast that can call upon other Minecrawlers, and this is how you can defeat it.

How to Defeat Minecrawler Queen – The Chronicles Of Myrtana: Archolos

The Minecrawler Queen is one of the boss battles you will encounter in the Chronicles of Myrtana. With other mercenaries, you enter a cave and you will find the Minecrawler Queen at the very end of the cave.

During the fight, the Minecrawler Queen will summon other Minecrawlers to attack you and your party. This can be challenging while you are trying to get extra hits in. What you can do is go to the back of the Minecrawler Queen.

There is a series of webs here and a small enough crevice for you to fit in. Stay in this crevice and start attacking the Minecrawler Queen. This place is the safest spot for you during the boss battle.

As long as you stay behind the Minecrawler Queen, you can avoid the other Minecrawlers that she summons during the fight.

And that is how you defeat and dethrone the Minecrawler Queen! She wouldn’t know what hit her!

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