How Long Is Wytchwood? | Wytchwood Playtime

Play as a forest witch and explore a land filled with magic. Are you ready to dedicate hours on this journey?

Set in a land filled with gothic fables and fairytales comes an adventurous crafting game, Wytchwood. Here you’ll play as a forest witch who explores a strange countryside, collects magical ingredients, makes enchanting drinks and spells, and even judge the fates of many characters. 

Seems a lot of responsibilities for one forest witch. Just how long will you need for this venture?

Wytchwood | How Long Is Wytchwood?

To answer that question, you will need to monitor your playtime. The fact that the Nintendo Switch has data on how many hours you play a game helps us a lot. 

We can simply say that this is a measure of how many hours of your life that you spent on a particular game.

Now, let’s see how much time you will need to finish the game and how the game itself is divided.

Wytchwood has 14 parts, two of which are the beginning and the end, and for the other twelve, each chapter is intended for one soul.

Here is the order of each chapter:

First is the Bear, followed by the Leech, then the Ox, the Snake, the Ram, the Rat, the Cat, the Fish, the Stag, the Hog, the Wolf, the Hawk, and finally, the Sleeping Maiden.

So when we take all of these into account, you will probably need 8 to 12 hours of gameplay to go through all the levels and explore everything that can be explored in the game itself.

The maximum time that you can play the game for and complete it is 20 hours. This applies to those who do not have a particularly fast-playing style.

But hey, the playtime doesn’t really matter when you’re enjoying, right? Explore the world to your heart’s content!

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