One Fruit Simulator: How to Get Branky Glasses

Do I look nerdy with this?

Do you want to look smart and powerful at the same time? You can in One Fruit Simulator by getting the Branky Glasses. This is not an ordinary nerdy glass. It gives the wearer some bonus stats that can increase their fighting prowess.

In this article, I will show you how to get the Branky Glasses by defeating the owner. Be warned, he may look weak on the outside but can do heavy damage if provoked. You will travel to the latest island added to the game to find this not-so-nerdy boss.

How To Get Branky Glasses

If you want to acquire these glasses, be sure you have the right level for this boss fight. I suggest you have reached at least level 3400 to 3500. The new bosses on the New Island is a no joke. They can inflict heavy damage if you’re level is not high enough. Defeat Branky to get his glasses. However, the drop rate of the item is rare and may take some time. Keep farming! It provides a +5% in PvP damage.

  1. Go to the New Island found in Water 7. He is located in the Quest Giver Level 3100 as shown in the picture below. You can start a quest that requires you to defeat Branky or you can just start unleashing hell once you see him and hope for the best. Branky Glasses in One Fruit SimulatorOne Fruit: How to Get Branky Glasses
  2. If you manage to defeat him, check your inventory for the drop. If you haven’t received the glasses, you may need to farm the boss for a while. The drop rate of mythical items is very low. One Fruit: How to Get Branky Glasses

That’s it! All you need to do is be prepared, level up your character, and hope for the best that he will drop the glasses on the first attempt. It may take a few times, sometimes even days to get the loot drop. But, you’ll eventually get the Branky Glasses.

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