How To Add Custom Twitch Overlays & Alerts To Xbox Live Stream

Get to the next level of Xbox streaming!

Of course, after a lot of game time on your Xbox Series, you’ll have to at some point show your skills to the rest of the whole wide world… And how else to do that, besides streaming on Twitch? It’s easy to do, it gives you a real chance at stardom and, most importantly, it’s entertaining! But, you want to have one of those cool streams like the pros do, right? Well, here is how you add your own overlays and alerts, while on your Xbox!

Add Custom Twitch Overlays & Alerts To Xbox Stream

Now, I kind of misled you when I said this could easily be done on the Xbox. It can’t. You’ll have to use a browser to enter Twitch.

Here is how to add some custom overlays and alerts on Xbox Twitch livestream:

  1. Login to Twitch through the Xbox browser. After that, click on your image in the upper right corner and select the “Creator Dashboard” tab.

  2. On the left, select the “Extensions” option. In the search bar, look for “Overlay expert” and install the “Overlay Expert” extension.

  3. After installing it, click on it and select “Configure”. In here, you can select custom overlays that you can buy from there, or put your own with the help of a PC, or customize one of the free overlays by clicking “Customize”.

    You can also add alerts in this customization menu by clicking to add new layers. It’s pretty intuitive, so I suggest you go for it and have fun.

And, you’ve done it! You now have a custom overlay and custom alerts for your stream.

Now, to finish it all, go back to “Extensions”, then “My Extensions” and select Overlay Expert to be your Overlay 1 and you did it. You are ready to stream on your Xbox!

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