How To Beat Floor 50 Abyss Guide in Anime World Tower Defense

With this team, you should be able to beat the challenge!

How To Beat Floor 50 Abyss Guide in Anime World Tower Defense

As you progress in Anime World Tower Defense (AWTD), you will be collecting many different characters and going on Tower Defense missions. The challenges that you face in the game will slowly be higher in terms of difficulty, with the Abyss being one of the harder contents to play.

Upon completing the Abyss challenges, you will receive special rewards at stages 20, 30, 40, 50, and 75. Once you’ve reached Stage 50, you will receive the current Abyss Unit. In this guide, we will show you a team you can use to beat Abyss Floor 50 in AWTD!

Floor 50 Abyss Guide

The team that you’ll want to use will have a DPS character that you can use early on. After that, you’ll want to place down all the meta support units, as well as a late-game DPS character to fight the final boss. A team that can work for you may look something like this:

  • Tyran Eye: This is a Unit you can use in the early stages of the game. You should upgrade this unit early on to level 4 for the AoE attack, then you can continue and max the unit.
  • Denis: This Unit is obtainable in the Demonic Hunt Banner. He can generate cash for the team, allowing you to place units and upgrade them to higher levels more easily.
  • Shining Star Idol: This is a unit that you should use regardless of what teams you use. The Idol unit can provide damage buffs to the team, which is really amazing.
  • Boxing Pipo/DPS Unit: You can use Boxing Pipo as one of your DPS options. There are many characters that you can also use as an alternative to Pipo for damage.
  • Flower Magician: This is a support unit that can increase the range of nearby units. He can also apply a stun debuff to nearby enemies, which is also great.
  • RedHair: RedHair is a DPS character with a Stun passive. Overall, he is a great DPS option that you can have on the team.
How To Beat Floor 50 Abyss Guide in Anime World Tower Defense - Boxing Pipo Unit

How To Beat Floor 50 Abyss

When the match first starts, place down 3 Tyran Eyes. Make sure you place these 3 units far away from one another. This will help you maximize the damage range and eliminate waves of enemies.

As your Tyran Eye defends the base, you will want to place down 3 Denis Units so they can start generating cash. With the cash generated, prioritize upgrading Tyran Eye to level 4, then max level.

After you have upgraded your first Tyran Eye to level 7, you’ll want to max all 3 Denis Towers. Then, place down the Idol tower in the middle of the arena, so her buffs can reach all 3 Tyran Eyes.

How To Beat Floor 50 Abyss Guide in Anime World Tower Defense - Tyran Eye Unit

Now that you have the cash, continue upgrading the remaining 2 Tyran Eyes to the max level. Then, max the Idol Tower. Once you’re done, you can place down the rest of the towers.

Proceed to place down your Boxing Pipo, Flower Magician, and RedHair to aid your team in battle. Once you’ve fully upgraded all of the units that you place down, you will be good to go for the remaining parts of the game.

Anime World Tower Defense Idol Tower & Boxing Pipo

How this team works is that the team will provide a lot of stun debuffs to lock the boss down in one place. Then, your DPS Units will have an easy time attacking the boss.

As you fight, make sure you order the necessary amount of food for your team. As units run out of energy, they will stop attacking and using abilities, so keep them full at all times!

Anime World Tower Defense Food Management

That’s how you can beat Abyss Floor 50 in Anime World Tower Defense. You can consider replacing Boxing Pipo with any other DPS Unit and everything will work just fine. Lastly, be extra careful with your character placements so that you can maximize their effective range and effects.

This team is not the only team that you can use. If you are looking for more team options, consider taking a look at some of the best teams that you can use in AWTD!


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