How to Beat King Multiverse Guide in Undertale Last Reset

All the Sans bosses at once.

How to Beat King Multiverse Guide in Undertale Last Reset

The King Multiverse is one of the bigger bosses in Undertale: Last Reset that features consecutive stages of previous enemies. Beating him means that you have to survive the constant barrage of stages.

And at this point, we know dying means resetting the whole battle, not to mention the drop is one of the best. So, here’s how to win the fight against the King Multiversal Sans!

How to Beat King Multiverse

Of course, you can theoretically use other equipment provided that you can dodge all the hits skillfully. But we’re going to share the best equipment to increase your survivability and save your time.

Weapon: Toxin Sans Blaster/Real Bone Sword
Soul: Determination
Armor: Toxin’s Determination

Real Bone Sword is one of the many strong drops that you can get from beating the Real Sans boss. Check out this guide on how to find and beat Real Sans boss before they update his location again!

First Stage: King Multiversal Sans (HP 86K, 10 Dodges)

Sidestep behind the one of the pillars immediately to avoid the blasters. King Multiversal Sans will shoot the blasters 4 times.

Then, follow them up with AoE skull piercing from the ground with quick successions of focus-fire skills. Then, blasters again.

Second Stage: Nightmare Sans (HP 125K)

Nightmare Sans will continuously send a barrage of black skulls. Constantly jumping should allow you to avoid the projectiles, at least most of them.

Third Stage: Killer Sans (HP 92, 7 Dodges), Horror Sans (HP 175k), and Dust Sans (HP 200K)

Bosses are summoned one by one. The first one is Killer Sans and once you kill him, you’ll be teleported to Horror Sans after a very short dialogue. Then to Dust Sans.

Killer Sans is easy as he shoots out random projectiles in straight lines only. Horror Sans is even easier because you can see the projectiles charging in place first before they are shot.

King Multiverse Dust Sans

Meanwhile, Dust Sans is an old boss with 3-blaster move and charging projectiles. Simple boss with higher HP than its weaker counterpart.

Fourth Stage: Killer Sans (HP 92), Horror Sans (HP 100k), and Dust Sans (HP 125K)

Nightmare Sans will summon all three of them at the same time. But they have 75k less HP except for Killer Sans and don’t have Dodges. Once you kill them all, you enter the Final Phase.

Fifth Stage: King Multiversal Sans (HP 300K, 25 Dodges)

How to Beat King Multiverse last phase Undertale Last Reset

The King Multiversal Sans at final stage has a lot more HP and dodges. With that said, his attack pattern remains the same. So, the only difference is that you have to swing your sword a lot more or just focus on dodge while your blaster does the work.

The King Multiverse Blade is a drop from this series of battles. It’s one of the best and unique due to the jump and run speed boost. It’s a must-have to speedrun Reset progressions!

And that’s how you can beat the King Multiverse in Undertale: Last Reset! If you have questions or concerns, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

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