How to Beat HIM & True Reset in Undertale Last Reset

Are you worthy of facing HIM?

Undertale: Last Reset does not play around when it comes to the bosses in the game. There are many secret bosses that you will need to locate yourself, often hidden in very elaborate ways. After that, you also have to defeat them, which can be a challenge in its own right.

HIM is one such boss that a lot of players seem to be having trouble with, both in terms of location and actually defeating him. In this guide, we will show you how you can beat HIM and obtain True Reset. Let’s get into it.

How to Beat HIM & True Reset

HIM is one of the harder bosses in the game, especially considering that he can be difficult to locate. So, we will provide you with his secret location, alongside the recommended items, Armor and Weapons you should bring when facing him.

HIM Boss Secret Location

Starting off, we will actually need to locate HIM’s boss capsule, as this is how you can access the boss fight. So, make your way towards the Boss Capsules that can be found near the spawn area.

One of the Boss Capsules will have a small notch on the left side that you can enter. Make your way towards this space.

Secret entrance near Boss Capsules in Undertale Last Reset.

You will be met with a Menu for the Outertale Sans Boss. Click the Cancel button as this is not the boss fight we are interested in.

Cancel Outertale Sans Battle in Undertale Last Reset.

Once you hit cancel, you will find yourself in a hidden staircase that was not previously there. Go up this staircase and you will automatically be teleported to a new area.

Going up secret stairs in Undertale Last Reset.

You will find yourself in a large open with boss capsules lined up on the sides. Ignore them and go straight ahead to the end of the area. You will see a doorway that leads to yet another area.

Entering purple doorway in Undertale Last Reset.

In this new area, full of purple neon, you want to follow the staircase up and the path that continues from it.

The path twists around quite a bit, so you may at times need to parkour around by jumping spaces. 

Navigating purple area in Undertale Last Reset.

At the top of this path, there will be a portal that you can enter inside. Don’t worry, this is the final portal that you will need to go through before you can find the boss capsule!

Portal leading to HIM Boss Capsule in Undertale Last Reset.

Go to the end of this new area and you will see the HIM boss capsule at the end. So, whenever you are ready to face him, you just need to go through here.

However, he is a very difficult boss, so we recommend that you make certain preparations.

HIM Boss Capsule in Undertale Last Reset.

HIM Boss Preparations

HIM is a very powerful boss, so we recommend that you take some time to prepare for him. First up, we recommend using Rancer Souls – which you can get by defeating the boss for the Rancer Shrine after finding all locations. It provides healing and damage boosts which is really powerful.

Alternatively, you can also use J souls or Insanity. After that, you want to use the right Weapons. Here are some that we recommend for this boss:

  • J Bow
  • Fell Blasters (best option because of Dodges)
  • Dust Sans Bone Throw
  • Artillery Strike
  • Soulless Blade
Dust Sans Bone Throw in Undertale Last Reset.

Additionally, you will need the armor when facing off HIM. Here are some recommended Armors:

  • Bommy Aura
  • Rancer Head.

You can also get really useful armor by defeating Real Sans as a drop.

Addtionally, you can use some food items, although these are optional. The following food items can make the battle much faster for you:

  • Pop Rock
  • Pineapple Juice
  • Rancer Soda
  • Cherry Soda
  • DT Syringe.
Rancer's Head in Undertale Last Reset.

HIM Boss Fight Strategy

HIM is a very tough boss that will throw all sorts of ranged and AoE attacks at you. This includes lasers that attack you from all sides and above.

So, having items with Dodges will really help you out here. If you do not have these items, then you will need to physically dodge him – which can be difficult.

Once you see an opening, start spamming your attack on him until he starts attacking you again. Keep in mind that he will move around a lot, and even have enemy NPCs to support him.

If you have any of the Weapons we suggested, you should be able to defeat him in no time! And with that, you will also obtain True Reset in the game.

Fighting HIM boss in Undertale Last Reset.

That’s everything you need to know about beating the HIM boss and getting True Reset in Undertale: Last Reset. Quite a difficult boss when you compare him to all the other bosses that you will face in the game. You may also need to fight these other bosses, so that you can get some good drops that will enable you to fight HIM.

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