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Beat this difficult game mode!

How To Beat Nighmare Mode In Skibidi Toilet Tower Defense

With the new update, comes new maps that you can try and beat in Skibidi Toilet Tower Defense. Not only that, but there are new towers as well that you can try out. Tower placement and using the right ones is the key to defeating one of the new maps in the game in Nightmare mode. The map also has some unique mechanics that you’ll need to watch out for.

In this guide, we’ll show you how you can beat the new map in Nightmare mode in Skibidi Toilet Tower Defense. Now, let’s see what we’ll need to clear this level!

How To Beat Nightmare Mode

The new map in the game is one of the hardest maps there is because of two things. One is that there are a lot of bosses on the later waves that have a lot of HP. Another reason is that they have a unique ability. This ability can disable your towers, so we’ll need to learn about that one first.

Sleep Mechanics

The main problem with the enemies in this level is not only their high health but also their sleep ability. Some enemies in each wave will have the ability to make your towers fall asleep.

When that happens, they won’t be doing anything until they wake up. This can be a problem if it’s applied to your stronger units.

Skibidi Toilet Tower Defense New Map Starting Area

Some of the enemies can even use this sleep ability from ranged though doing so will make them stand still. This can be to your advantage since they’ll stand still and have a chance of getting more damage.

To remedy this, there is the Medic Cameraman, one of the new towers in the game. They can remove the sleep condition on other towers. If you upgrade them, they can increase their range and effectiveness.

Skibidi Toilet Tower Defense Medic Cameraman

If you don’t want to use Medic Cameraman since you want to use that slot for other towers, then there’s the decoy tactic. The enemies will always target the closest tower to make them sleep first.

Use that to your advantage and have ‘decoys’ on their path. Paired with long-range towers they can be defeated without your main damage towers going to sleep.

Skibidi Toilet Tower Defense Sleep Missile

Tower Placement Tactics

The level has two spawn areas that converge to one path and at the start near the start. Then, it goes into a small zig-zag road and then it loops around the map. The road will then get close to the start again before finally leading to the end of the path.

As you can see, it’s best to put your towers in the road between the zigzag road and the path near the end. Some towers like the Upgraded Titan Cameraman can cover both areas if upgraded to Level 5.

Skibidi Toilet Tower Defense Sleeping Towers

At the early waves, you can place units around the zigzag area first. It’s best to focus on a small number of strong units. That’s because you have a limit on how many units you can place down.

It also helps to add some Scientist Cameraman to get you some cash when ending a wave. Remember that they can also count as a “wall” or a “decoy” for the enemies that make your towers sleep.

Enemies can target the Scientist Cameraman instead of your damaging towers. Don’t worry, they’ll still give you money at the end of a wave even while asleep.

Skibidi Toilet Tower Defense Scientist Cameraman

Use strong towers that can do well on their own and position them in the areas shown below. Upgrade them to increase their range so they can deal damage for a longer time.

Also, use decoy towers to bait the enemies to sleep them instead of your damage-dealing ones and it should be possible to beat this level!

Skibidi Toilet Tower Defense Wave 47

That’s how you beat Nightmare mode for the new map in Skibidi Toilet Tower Defense in Roblox. Now, go out there and try to do it yourself!

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