Skibidi Toilet Tower Defense: Beginners Guide & Solo Normal Mode

Those are some aggressive toilets!

Skibidi Toilet Tower Defense is a new Roblox game in which the goal of the players is to defend their base from hordes of invading Skibidi toilets. Players can purchase different various with different abilities and take on missions and quests to earn money and points to invest in their towers. In this guide, I will show you everything you need to know as a beginner, as well as how to beat the normal mode solo.

Beginners Guide

When you load up the game, the first thing that you want to do is to use the Codes menu. This can be found at the bottom of your screen. Input the code “tysmforplaying” and this will grant you 500 Stars. The code is case-sensitive, so make sure to type it as it is.

Code menu

Once you have 600 Stars, purchase the Batter unit from the shop and equip it for use in the games. Next, choose the Hard mode and select either Resort or Factory as the map. Hard mode allows you to earn more stars, and the two mentioned maps are quite long, meaning that the Skibidi Toilets have to travel quite a distance before they can reach the goal.

Resort map

Once the game begins, all you need to do is to place down Batters and upgrade them as much as you can. Your goal here is to reach around Wave 15-16 with these batters. The reason for reaching these waves is so that you can grind 4000 Points as quickly as possible. Waves 15 and 16 provide 338 and 361 Points upon completion.

Gaining Points

How to Solo Normal Mode


Before heading in to solo the normal mode, you need to purchase the appropriate units. Using the 4000 Points that you gained using the Batters, purchase the Gunner, Mini Gunner, and Businessman units. After purchasing these units, equip them so that they can be used in the game.


Once you have loaded into the map, your strategy for the first six waves should be to place two Businessman units and upgrade them to level 3. For wave 7, place down a Mini Gunner to avoid taking too much damage. If there is any remaining cash left, use that to place down another Businessman.

First few waves

For waves 8-13, upgrade your Mini Gunner once and then start to focus on your Businessmen. The Businessmen are the most important units of this strategy since they provide you with the points that are required to upgrade your units and purchase more of them. Keep placing down Businessmen and upgrading them to increase your cash flow.


For waves 14-16, place down 2 Gunners and upgrade them to the maximum level. In wave 16, upgrade the minigunner to level 3 and place a maximum-level Gunner in front of it to provide support fire. For waves 17-19, place down two max-level Gunners and a Mini Gunner. For waves 20-23, just focus on upgrading the Businessmen to the maximum level and place another Mini Gunner down.

One you reach waves 24-34, your goal should be to maximize your firepower. For this, keep placing down Mini Gunner units and upgrading them to the maximum level. If you approach the maximum unit limit during this time, start selling some of your Businessmen units.


In wave 35, the final boss will spawn after a few low-level mini-bosses are spawned, such as the Speedster toilets. The final boss on the Factory map was the Infect Titan Speaker Man. This boss has a health of 85000 and does some flashy attacks that do not seem to deal damage to units. At this point, we recommend selling all your Businessmen and using the money earned from these sales to purchase and upgrade as many Mini Gunners as possible.


When the boss has around 5000 Health left, he receives a health boost of 25000, making his health 30000. Additionally, he starts to hover over the map and launches air attacks. Provided that you brought him down to 5k, Health means that the health gain of the boss shouldn’t be that difficult for you to deal with. The best way to counter it is to place more Mini Gunner units.

Boss Flying

We hope that you found this beginner’s guide and solo guide for Skibidi Toilet Tower Defense helpful. Let us know in the comments below about what your strategy was to solo the normal mode. If you have any questions or content suggestions, feel free to let us know in the comments section below.

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