How To Change Your Slopsuit Work Suit in Splatoon 3’s Salmon Run

Do those runs in style!

The new Splatoon game is out for a while now and Splatoon 3 is a big hit. The Splatoon series keeps its place in one of the top 3rd person shooters out there and for good reason! The new game features new characters, new weapons, new maps and even new game modes. The Single-player aspect of the game has also been upgraded and not only that there’s generally a bunch of new things to play with for old and new players. In this guide we’ll show you how to change your slopsuit in Splatoon 3 so you can pick your favorite!

Splatoon 3: How To Change Your Slopsuit Work Suit in Salmon Run

When doing Salmon Runs in Splatoon 3 you might learn that you can actually get new Slopsuit Work Suits for the runs. You can unlock these new suits when you get 10 scales, and each suit costs that amount.

The problem some players run into is when you go to the menu where you unlock these suits and you unlock one, you can’t put them on!

Source: MonkeyKingHero – YouTube

There’s a simple reason for that, because that’s not where you change your suit. You actually have to go to the nearby lockers and interact with it to change your gear. Once you interact with it you’ll then see all of your unlocked suits there for you to change into.

Why they don’t just let you do it on the menu we’ll never know, but for now that’s how you change your suit!

Congratulations you now know how to change your slopsuit for Salmon Runs in Splatoon 3, now go out there and do those runs in style!

Many thanks to MonkeyKingHero for showing everyone how to change your suit in the game, if you need more information on the subject then go check their video out here: How to change your Slopsuit Work Suit in Splatoon 3’s Salmon Run

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