Splatoon 3: Learn To Reflect, And This One Is In The Bank Walkthrough | Site 5 – Level 13

Bounce shots, curved shots, it’s all the same!

The new Splatoon game is out and it’s the third one in the series and probably the best one so far. Not only does it show off new maps, new game modes and more, it also has a great singleplayer element to it. The usually multiplayer dominant franchise now has a great story and campaign to play through and you can even test out the new weapons the game has to offer. In this guide we’ll show you a level that uses one of these new weapons – Learn To Reflect, And This One Is In The Bank!

Site 5 – Level 13: Learn To Reflect, And This One Is In The Bank Walkthrough | Splatoon 3

There are plenty of levels in Splatoon 3 and a bunch of them are tailored to use some specific weapons. That includes new weapons that came with the new game which makes it a great way to veil a tutorial without the player even noticing it.

The Angle shooter, from the name itself, can shoot at a surface and the projectile will bounce to another angle depending on how you aim the weapon.

This means you can use the angle shooter to shoot behind obstacles with the right situation, it also has a longer range than most weapons in the game and that’s what you’re going to learn at the early parts of the level.

Source: 100% Guides – YouTube

After shooting those 3 switches at the start of the level you’ll go to an area showed below, and it’s the perfect place to show you that you can use the Angle Shooter to shoot from cover.

Source: 100% Guides – YouTube

Later in the level you’ll also encounter balloon fish that you need to shoot to continue the level, and they’re usually behind clear barriers like the one below. Use the Angle shooter to shoot past the barriers.

Source: 100% Guides – YouTube

The last part of the stage is just a bunch of targets behind glass barriers and you’ll need to use the weapon to hit them in different angles. Afterwards the level is pretty much over!

Source: 100% Guides – YouTube

Congratulations you now know how to do the Site 5 – Level 13 in Splatoon 3, now go out there and curve, I mean, angle your shots! Many thanks to 100% Guides for showing everyone how this level goes, if you need more information on the subject then go check their video out here: Splatoon 3 Learn To Reflect, And This One Is In The Bank Walkthrough (Site 5 – Level 13) – YouTube

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