How to Complete Door 100 in Roblox DOORS?

Be afraid, be very afraid!

When playing Roblox, you don’t really expect to find scary things like monsters and demons.

For example, the highly acclaimed DOORS is one of Roblox’s most popular games right now, and for good reason. It’s surprisingly well made and the developers make use of the lighting and ambiance to really replicate that horror movie atmosphere.

In this guide, we will be showing you how to easily complete door 100 on Roblox DOORS, and you will be surprised at how easy it is.

Roblox DOORS – How to Complete Door 100

1. Run Past the Monster When You Open the Door

When you are trying to complete door 100, you will have to open a door first. Before that, no monsters will try and attack you. However, once the door is opened, a monster will appear in a cutscene and chase you.

Naturally, you will be scared and try to run and hide in the opposite direction away from the monster. However, not this time.

Since the monster is still in animation, it will not chase you the moment the cutscene ends. You can easily run past the monster and up the stairs and into the door.

2. Go to the Elevator and Get the Key

After running past the monster, head up the stairs and through the door. Take a right and another right and you should see an elevator. This is where you need to go to escape, but there is no power.

Take the key and wait for a few seconds until the monster is in the room you were previously in. Once he is, go down the stairs once again.

3. Open the Locked Door

As you make your way downstairs, wait until the monster exits the room with the locked door. Make sure he is going to the door on the other end of where you originally came from, not from the direction of the elevator.

Once the monster exits from the room, enter but don’t rush. Sneak in and head to the door on the right. This is the room where you need to get power into the elevator.

4. Turn On the Power to the Elevator

To bring power to the elevator, you will need to solve a puzzle.

The puzzle is actually quite simple. When you open the circuit breaker, you will see 10 switches and a panel at the top. The panel up top will flash numbers of the switches, as well as a blank square or a full square.

The blank square means you need to leave it alone, but the full square means the switch must be flipped. For example in the image above, the number 7 must be flipped.

You need to do this 3 times, but don’t worry about the monster attacking you while you’re in here. He’ll be too busy looking for you in the other room to know that you are in here.

5. Run Back to the Elevator

With the power to the elevator back on, immediately book it to the elevator. The monster should still be unaware of your location, so you’ll be safe to make a full sprint to the elevator.

After you make it to the elevator, you will have successfully finished door 100.

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