Type Soul: AFK World Complete Guide

A world where you can get free stuff!

Type Soul AFK World Complete Guide

A lot of games these days can be a bit grindy so developers give players a chance to get rewards in other ways besides just playing. Some games give daily login bonuses while others have AFK farming for players to do.

In Type Soul, there’s a dedicated AFK world that can give you all sorts of goodies and even gear. To start using that world you should know first how the AFK world mechanics work.

In this guide, we’ll show you how you can get into the AFK world. We’ll go through what you can do to farm there. Now, let’s see what we’ll need to do to get that sweet gear without doing anything!

AFK World Complete Guide

Type Soul can be a grindy game. That’s because of all the great gear locked behind low spawn chances or difficult quests. Not only that, but even if you farm efficiently, you might not get what you want just because of luck. That’s why to increase your chances you’ll want to do AFK World Farming.

Getting Into The AFK World

To get to the AFK world, you’ll first want to buy a World Ticket. To do that, press the N-Key and go to the Dev Products side of the window. Scroll down until you find the World Ticket, this item costs 1000 Robux and it’s a one-time use only.

This means if you want to sit in the AFK World multiple times, you’ll need to buy tickets again and again. The developers have stated though that in a future update, there will be a free version of the world.

Type Soul World Ticket

Once you’ve bought a World Ticket, use it on your character. Then, log out and go to the main menu of the game. You’ll then need to press the AFK World button and join a server!

Type Soul AFK World Button

AFK World Mechanics

Now that you’re in an AFK world, you should know what the mechanics are. The first thing you’ll notice is the big timer at the top of your screen. This is the amount of time you have left in the world.

As you stay in the world, you’ll receive various items for free and there are several safe zones you can go to stay in. The items you can get can vary from rare items to Legendary and Mythic ones, so it can get very lucrative.

Type Soul AFK Timer

The longer you stay in the world, the more items you’ll get. So, you’ll want to stay for as long as possible. This is great if you’re done playing for the day and are going to bed. You can just leave your PC open and stay in this world to get free items passively.

SIDE NOTE: If you don’t know the values of the items in the game, check out our Type Soul Best Item Value guide for more information!

The area also has a PVP zone, but remember that if you enter this zone, you can’t get the safe zone effect back. This may be a bug and the only way to fix it is to re-login the world.

Type Soul Soulian Streak

There is also a mechanic called the Soulian Streak which is where you can do PVP and get it higher and higher. It is supposed to increase the chances of you getting better items but runs the risk of you getting targeted by players when you AFK.

You can’t lose items or gear when dying in the AFK world, you only lose your streak. You might think that increasing the streak is a must, but a lot of players can get lucky by just keeping it at 0. It all depends on RNG after all, so it’s up to you if you want to PVP or just truly AFK.

That’s how the AFK world works in Type Soul. Now, go out there and try this world out! Why not use the gear you get here on some raids? Check out our guide on the New Boss Raid Kisuke NPC Location for more information!


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