How To Find SIZE:2 Chomik in Find The Chomiks | Roblox

Start with fishing!

How To Find SIZE:2 Chomik in Find The Chomiks | Roblox

The new SIZE:2 Chomik is in Find the Chomiks and it’s a very rare catch with a lot of things to do. We’re going to reveal all the secret steps to get one of the hardest Chomiks in the game. Without further ado, let’s go!

Guide To Get The SIZE:2 Chomik

The SIZE:2 Chomik is an “Impossible” Chomik to find which is linked to doing secret steps from other games. So, here are the steps:

  • Start by catching a fish in Fishing Simulator. Grab the rod and fish at the pond. Wait until you see a “!” pop up and then left-click to catch it.
  • Bring it to the bricked building and then glitch your fish behind the wall to drop it on the button. Then, you should see the text “A piece of flesh withers away…” at the bottom.
SIZE:2 Chomik in Find The Chomiks Fishing Simulator

  • Head over to the small island behind the brick structure. Now, you have to answer the quiz by interacting with the notebook next to the bowl of ramen.
  • Do it by typing the answer directly on the note right under the question, in the small box. The answer in chronological order is: 4, 16, 74246, Yes., and A Small Automaton (doll style).
SIZE:2 Chomik in Find The Chomiks quiz
  • Go back to fishing and catch any fish. Head to the Shop which is located on the mainland and drop it in the Money Hole to get a coin. You should be able to see the credit on the top left side of your screen.
  • Head up to the roof of the Shop and “fish” the hammer (you may have to use the rod glitch, which is by fishing on the ground, you can jump backward really far).
SIZE:2 Chomik in Find The Chomiks hammer location
  • Bring the hammer to the small cottage on a different small island. Be careful not to break the jar with your hammer by walking into the house.
  • Let go of the hammer and inspect the jar. Say “Yes” when it asks if you want to add a coin into the jar. The coin will appear as you insert the coin. Now you can break the jar.
  • “Fish” the coin and now carry it with you to the Flesh Cave. Don’t just jump in! Carefully inch towards the left side to glitch out of the cave.
  • Head to the platform and make the coin touches button by dropping or jumping on the edge of the platform.
  • Now, you need to fish at the waterfall for the Green Herring. You can use the truck next to the shop to help elevate you through the waterfall to let you fish from the top. Next, fish from the main pond from the top.

SIZE:2 Chomik in Find The Chomiks green herring
  • Bring the Green Herring (Rank: INF) to the Shop. Don’t sell it. Place it next to the radio and start listening to the Morse Code. This part is randomized for each player, so listen carefully. Get your 3-nmumber combination which are the last 3 Morse codes.
  • Head to the underground water cave and then make use of the rod glitch to get between platforms. Fish inside this pond to get more numbers.
Underground cave

  • Keep fishing until the number series pattern repeats. Once you’re sure where it ends, reel in at the last number of your combination to get your SIZE:2 Chomik.
    • Tips: If you’re not sure which number it is, use the Morse Code number you get as a reference.
      • From the numbers, yellows must be subtracted by 2 and blue by 1. Then add up the new string of numbers to make up your Morse Code number.

Then, you’re going to be teleported to the location where you’ll get your badge.

And that’s how you can get the rare SIZE:2 Chomik in Find the Chomiks! Let us know any question you have about this highly impossible find. We’ll answer to the best of our capabilities!

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