Gray Zone Warfare: At The Mounds of Madness 2 & Shadow Over Ban Pa 2 Quest Guide | Mithras

Get deets on the cult near Ban Pa, soldier.

Artisan and Handshake will request some intel from Mithras faction members in Gray Zone Warfare, starting the “At The Mounds of Madness 2” and “Shadow Over Ban Pa 2” quests.

Effectively, both of these quests are identical. The only difference is which vendor you give the intel to. Of course, each vendor will give you different rewards for your efforts!

In this short guide, we’ll tell you how to complete both of these tasks and what rewards you get from each vendor.

At The Mounds of Madness 2 & Shadow Over Ban Pa 2 | Mithras Faction Quest Guide

Elder's House location

To complete either of these quests, you will need to head over to the Elder’s House northwest of Ban Pa. Its coordinates on the map are Y: 137, X: 205.

Do note, that this pair of tasks can only be completed if you’ve completed their preceding tasks. 

Check out our guide for At The Mounds of Madness (Part 1) and Shadow Over Ban Pa (Part 1) if you haven’t done so yet!

Also be ready to take on lots of hostile AI cult members. You might even encounter enemy players in the area if other faction members are doing missions around Ban Pa!

Speaking of, there should be a special gang leader hostile in the area. He’s part of the Warm Welcome quest, which we recommend completing while you’re already around Ban Pa.

The Elder's House from outside

Anyway, once you reach the destination simply go up to the second floor of the Elder’s House. You should notice a strange altar on a nightstand.

The altar with the Weird Book

Approach the altar and you’ll find a tiny book, simply labeled as “Weird Book.” Pick it up and you’ll have collected the intel that Artisan and Handshake wanted!

Weird Book location marked | Gray Zone Warfare: At The Mounds of Madness 2 & Shadow Over Ban Pa 2 Quest Guide | Mithras

Now, you can turn this in to two different vendors, as follows:

  • Give the book to Artisan – Completes the “At the Mounds of Madness 2” quest. You’ll get an AKMN assault rifle, 1000 Experience, and 150 Reputation with Artisan.
  • Give the book to Handshake – Completes the “Shadow Over Ban Pa 2” quest. You’ll get two M4A1 assault rifles, 7000 USD, 1000 Experience, and 150 Reputation with Handshake.

You can only give the book to one vendor, so choose wisely. Think carefully about which rewards sound most enticing, but also keep the Reputation with each vendor in mind.

Worth noting, though, that you won’t lose Reputation with the vendor you ignore. You’ll simply be unable to gain the extra Reputation from this quest’s rewards.

Either way, that’s another relatively simple quest for the Mithras faction in Gray Zone Warfare! This is just one of the many quests in the game, and if you want to learn more, check out our guide on all of the tasks for Mithras players in Gray Zone Warfare.


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