How To Get Big Paintball 2 Badge (Roblox: The Hunt 2024) 

Aim and Shoot for the Badge!

How To Get Big Paintball 2 Badge (Roblox: The Hunt 2024)

Hop into action this Easter with a thrilling shooting game in Roblox! BIG Paintball 2! is a shooting game on Roblox where you can become a skilled strategist. Whether you’re teaming up with friends or going solo, prepare for an epic gaming experience where every shot counts and every strategy matters. In this guide, we’ll show you on how to obtain The Big Paintball 2 Badge as part of your missions for Roblox’s The Hunt: First Edition this year. 

How To Get Big Paintball 2 Badge? 

Getting this badge is pretty easy. All you must do is hop into a server which offers Free for All mode.  

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Free for All Mode in Big Paintball 2!

Having this kind of mode will make you strategize better since in order to get this badge you have to get 50 kills.  

Get 50 kills to win the badge.

But don´t be pressured yet as there is no dying limit and you don´t have to do it in one game. This means the number of kills will be counted consecutively and continiously

There is no dying limit to get the badge.

Having a trouble in getting a kill? Why don´t you try a different gun? We recommend you use a Sniper for an accurate shot. But still, it depends on your playstyle! Don´t be afraid to do it in your own way! 

Recommended gun is Sniper.

And there you have it, a simple and quick guide on how to obtain the Big Paintball 2 Badge. So, don’t wait any longer! Come join the fun and showcase your shooting skills this Easter in BIG Paintball 2! 

Big Paintball 2 Badge for Roblox´s The Hunt: First Edition

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