Does Ziggurat 2 Have CO-OP Mode?

Get together with friends?

The recent release of Ziggurat 2 has gotten players really excited for some total destruction and entertaining gameplay that will keep them busy for a few days. Some of them are even curious, and you might be as well if you’re here, if there is a way they can play with their best friends and destroy some carrot monsters together! The answer? You’ll find it below!

Does It Have CO-OP Mode? – Ziggurat 2

Ziggurat 2 is out, but you don’t know if CO OP is available at the moment, or if it’s ever going to be. Well, luckily, we know the truth.

After a few players have asked on the forums, one of the developers promptly answered our question:

There are some major issues that are the reason why we won’t try to tackle multiplayer until we’re almost done with the single player experience

So, no CO OP at the moment. And, from the sounds of it, we shouldn’t expect to see any in the near future, since the developers are focusing on enhancing the single player experience to the maximum.

They have said they will consider it after polishing up the game, but that does not sound promising for people who want to play this game with their friends any time soon.

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