How To Get Dog In Berry Avenue | Doge On A Leash Codes 2023

Learn all of the 5 Dog Codes!

There are a bunch of very cute-looking puppies that can be found in Berry Avenue only if you have a set of codes with you. Well in this guide you shall be learning those codes since we will be presenting you with all of them one by one. There are a total of 5 codes and each of them will bring you a different puppy. Let’s get started.

Doge On A Leash Codes 2023 – How To Get Dog In Berry Avenue

These here are all of the codes that you can use for getting the Doges inside Berry Avenue. You will just need to type in the message and the text that you will see here and you will obtain all of these pets all for yourself:

  • Sunny Pug – 11990482634
  • Winter – Pomeranian – 11990477151
  • Posh Brown Poodle – 11990513191
  • Bubbly Pug – 11990480313
  • Summer Pomeranian – 11990474623

Those are all of the codes that you will need to be getting the Dogs in Berry Avenue. We hope that this guide has helped you out reach by using these codes. Have fun!

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