How To Get Stonehide Lawachurl TCG Card – Genshin Impact

Talk to Prince the Cat!

Stonehide Lawachurl TCG Card is a very special card because it has many good things going for it. No matter what type of deck you are playing you will want to have one in it. In this guide, we shall be showing you where you can go and how to actually get it. Let’s get started.

Genshin Impact – How To Get Stonehide Lawachurl TCG Card

You will first need to talk to the cat by the name of Prince. You will need to choose the first option in the dialogue – Ask about Player Level. Here you will need to claim the rewards and this is how you will obtain the Match Invitation Letter.

Then when this is done you will choose the second option of Start a Tavern Card Challenge. This way you will get to start the actual challenge. There will be 3 objectives that you will need to complete.

You will need to complete this challenge and battle to be able to unlock the Stonehide Lawachurl. The card game is based on what and how strong your deck actually is. Once you have a good deck you can take this game on and win to get this card.

Good luck in the match and once you win it you’ll get this card. We hope that this guide has helped you out on how to get this amazing card. Have fun!

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