Ship Graveyard Simulator: How To Upgrade Tools

Upgrade your Tools to dismantle more materials!

When you start in the Ship Graveyard Simulator, you are given a choice to choose which ship you want to dismantle. The game gives you basic tools like a hammer to dismantle the ship and find scraps. However, as you progress, you can upgrade your tools and unlock more areas of the ship. 

How to Use Tools

Different areas of the ship will require different tools. You may need to use a Blowtorch to dismantle part of the ship. You will also find various wooden crates on the ship and you can use your hammer to crack them open. 

When you go into the town, you will find an NPC wearing a white helmet. This NPC will sell you tools that you can use to dismantle the ship. You will find the various tools and their tiers in the Tool Section. 

How to Upgrade Tools

You may be wondering how to upgrade your tools or get better tools for dismantling a ship. You can only get better tools by upgrading the Tool Shed itself. 

You can find this option by talking to the Tool Shed NPC and selecting the Shop Upgrade option next to the Tools option. 

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