How to Get to The Blacksmith: Mess Hall Key & Open the Gate in No Rest for the Wicked

Open the way to the blacksmith with this quick guide!

No Rest for the Wicked recently dropped on Steam as an early access title, and fans of Moon Studios are sure to want to check out this new ARPG by the developers responsible for the Ori games. In this guide, we will show you how to gain access to the blacksmith, who will provide various services (buying, selling, and repairing) that you are going to need early on!

How to Get to The Blacksmith: Mess Hall Key & Open the Gate

Very early on, you are going to find yourself in Mariner’s Keep, where you will be facing quite a few low level enemies that will attack you on sight. As you progress through it, you will eventually reach a locked door.

Behind the door, you will notice a couple of hostile figures harassing a person. This man being ganged up on is actually Fillmore the blacksmith, and you’re going to have to rescue him. Refer to the map image below to see the exact spot of the locked door.

No Rest for the Wicked map with the locked door highlighted

In order to open this door, you are going to need to find the Mess Hall Key. Starting from the locked door, make your way to the right, walking past two dead bodies on the ground.

You will very likely aggro a bunch of enemies along the way, so just deal with them as quickly as possible to proceed. Watch out for enemies throwing explosives as well! You will eventually reach a locked gate that you can’t open just yet.

Here, you will instead want to go south until you reach a ledge with a dead guard on the wooden platform. The Mess Hall Key that you need will be right on him, so grab it and head back to the locked door from earlier.

No Rest for the Wicked location of the dead guard

Be ready to fight when you open the door, as the three Risen warriors will turn their attention towards you upon doing so. It is advisable to clear the surrounding area before opening it to avoid mistakenly aggroing more enemies.

Once you have freed Fillmore the blacksmith, you will be able to open the gate from earlier by using the lever handle that you will receive after helping him.

Head back to the locked gate and climb up the broken wall highlighted in the image (or the wagon to the left of it) below to get to the upper floor. From there, just head all the way right until you reach the controls to the gate.

No Rest for the Wicked player approaching the ruined wall

Something To Note As You Progress

Shortly after doing this and progressing a bit further into the game, you will eventually stumble into the city of Sacrament, where more of the game will start opening up to you.

Following a few cutscenes, you will have your own lodgings within the city itself, and the blacksmith will eventually relocate away from the ruined fortress from earlier.

At this point in the game, Fillmore will now be found somewhere close to the city entrance. Upon entering Sacrament, just make your way down a few flights of stairs and he will be directly behind the large statue.

Once he has made his way here and set his forge back up, you will notice that there is now the option to upgrade your equipment when you talk to him. This should be your sign to work your way out of the introductory area as quickly as possible.

No Rest for the Wicked player speaking with fillmore

And that is everything you need to know in order to get to the blacksmith and open the fortress’ gate early on in the game, which you can actually unintentionally skip if you are exploring a bit too much. While you are here, check out our guide on how to unlock fast travel in No Rest for the Wicked as well!


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