Team Fortress 2: How to Get Items

How to get items in the game.

Team Fortress 2: How to Get Items
Team Fortress 2: How to Get Items

Getting items in Team Fortress 2 is a common question among players, especially those who’d just started. We’re going to talk about several methods viable to let you get items and weapons in the game. And most importantly, let you get to the meat of the content as fast as possible.

How to Get Items

On default settings, TF2 has an item drop system where players will receive item after playing for certain amount of time.

These items can be weapons, Mann Co. Supply Crates, cosmetic items, and tools. Drops have cap limit each week. Make sure to idle in designated idle servers if you cannot achieve your desired playtime.

Throughout the years, several methods have been made popular to get more items in TF2, but some of them may not work anymore.

But fret not, we’re going to share ways that still work in the TF2 to get items. Keep reading on how to best utilize each of these methods in TF2.


Each class has 3 Milestone Achievements and completing each of this grant a designated weapon for that specific class. And Steam Achievements from other games may also grant you limited promotional items.

Using the Steam Achievement Manager, you can modify your achievements while the game is off, so you can get these weapons again later.

Another way to get them is by joining a Server Achievement which you can find online and enter. Inside these servers, by using certain commands you will be able to unlock achievements.

The latter method relies on a working server, so you might have to keep looking up for a working current achievement server.

You also need to turn on the Developer mode to be able to use Console to pick your server.


Mann Co. Store sells a lot of items that players can get, including items from Community Creators. These are items that you could’ve otherwise got from drops, crafting, or trading. You can also gift bought items to other players using the Gift Wrap tool on items that are even untradable.

Included is the Supply Crates to get Unusual items, Strange weapons, Strange Parts, and varying qualities of items. Depending on the series number, you can guess what kind of set of items you will get.

Crafting & Trading

While you may not necessarily get more items using these methods, you can get a new item using materials or unwanted items. But there’s a chance to get more using this method, especially if you know the right places to do your trading.

Events & Duels

Events are where you can get limited-time events. And every 10 duel wins, players get a random drop that can contain anything from weapons to cosmetic items.

And those are some of the main methods you can get items in Team Fortress 2. Let us know which method works best in the game!

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