How to Smelt Firework – Genshin Impact

Light up the sky with your own fireworks!

Smelting is fairly easy at Gensin Impact. You just have to guess the right combination of color, size and height that your fireworks should reach.

Genshin Impact: How to Smelt Firework

When you get to the Smelt Fireworks section, select The Silver Night is Full of Stars option.

Then a circle will appear with which you can make the combination for the fireworks. Here you choose the color, size, and height of the fireworks.

Start with the color first, click on the Single Smelt option until you reach the red highlighted part of the color bar. So for this case, you will need to click Single Smelt three times.

Next is the size. For the size, click on smelting techniques and select Decisive Boldness, this will improve the quality of the parameter.

Double-click Single Smelt and then go to Smelting Techniques and select Nitpicker. Then press Single Smelt again.

Finally, the height. Here in the Smelting Techniques, select Decisive Boldness again and double-click Single Smelt. Afterwards, select Tactile Sensitivity.

Finally, press Complete Smelt and you will get a smelt with perfect quality and a rating of 3000.

Now, it’s time for some fireworks viewing!

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