Wondrous Shadows Part 1: All 3 Lantern Riddles | Genshin Impact

Can you solve these lantern riddles?

The Lantern Rite festival is back in full swing and Liyue gives us a new event for this patch. The Wondrous Shadows consists of multiple parts and requires you to solve multiple lantern riddles. This guide will show you how you can solve all 3 lantern riddles.

Wondrous Shadows Part 1 – Genshin Impact

To start the event, go to the event page and click on the Wondrous Shadows icon.

Click on go to solve the riddle, which will take you to the Liyue Harbor. Interact with the lantern and it will show the riddles you can solve.

Before you can solve the others, you have to solve the first riddle first.

When you attempt the riddle, you are given a time limit and you have to align and rotate the item until it forms the answer. The answer to the first riddle is a Censer, and you have to align it like the photo above and lock in the lantern shadow once you are done.

Select solve the next riddle and proceed aligning it like the photo above. The answer to the second riddle is a ship. You may need to rotate the item a few times before you can get the correct answer for the riddle.

Keep going on to the next riddle and try to replicate the photo above. The answer to the third riddle is a kite.

Once you are done with all the riddles, click on the Lantern Riddle Rewards and claim the rewards for all the riddles.

You will get 30 Primogems, 200 Affluence Talisman, and 30,000 Mora for each riddle you solve.

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