How To Unlock Enkanomiya In Genshin Impact 2.4

Ready to explore the Enkanomiya Island?

Genshin Impact rolls a new island content in update 2.4. The Enkanomiya Islands are a new addition to the Inazuma region. The islands are filled with treasure chests and quests, and this is how you can unlock it and gain access to the island.

Unlock Enkanomiya Islands — Genshin Impact

Before you can begin to unlock the Enkanomiya Islands, you need to finish a couple of pre-requisite quests first. You need to be done with both the “Moon Bathed Deep” and “Still Water’s Flow” questline before you can unlock Enkanomiya.

After completing the Moon Bathed deep, you can go to the Sangonomiya Shrine Teleport waypointto start with the “Still Water’s Flow” questline. Talk to Tsuyuko here and go to the altar on the map to talk to Tsuyuko again.

The first key sigil is on the northernmost part of Watatsumi Island. The key is on the cliff, next to the circular runes on the ground.

NOTE: You can collect the Key Sigil by simply walking over it, but be careful of the enemies in the premises.

The second key sigil is to the south of the Suigetsu Pool. Use the teleport waypoint on the eastern part of the Burou Village and jump down the waterfall cliff. You will see a small opening to a cave near the waterfalls. Defeat the enemies and get the second sigil.

Go back to the quest area near the Sangonomiya Shrine and activate the two altars. Head back and report to Tsukuyo and jump down to the entrance of Enkanomiya.

And there you have it, after completing the quest, you can start exploring the island!

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