Deceive Inc: Complete Beginner’s Guide

Hidden in plain sight!

There’s a new PVP game out there and it’s one that focuses on stealth, subterfuge, blending in with the environment and of course Deceiving the other players. Deceive Inc is the newest PVP game out there that’s a breath of fresh air from all the FPS arcade shooter PVP games out there. This is a game where you’re all spies and you need to take out the other players by tricking them using different abilities. In this guide we’ll show you some tips and tricks for beginners so you can easily learn the game as you play it, now let’s see what this game has to offer!

Complete Beginner’s Guide For Deceive Inc

In Deceive Inc you’re tasked with dealing with the other players in the map through being stealthy and using different abilities as well as using the environment to your advantage. No player stands out as they just walk around in a map filled with NPCs and you’ll need to find which of the characters are the players and take them out.

Microchips and Upgrades

Learning about the different upgrades and building a deck in the game with the optimal upgrades can be daunting. For a new player all you need to know is that you’ll need to find Microchips to get these upgrades, and they’re color coded from the easiest to get to the hardest: Gray, Green, Blue, Purple and Gold.

You can find these microchips all around the map with the easiest one being the gray ones. Once you get a Gray upgrade go for the Green ones that is in the Green Staff Room, the Blue ones in the Blue Guard Room, and the Purple upgrade is one door deeper in the Blue Guard Room. The Gold Upgrade can only be found when you disable a vault terminal which has a chance to spawn in purple rooms.

Acting Like an NPC

You might think that with all the NPCs walking you can’t run in the game or your cover will be blown. NPCs actually run in the game and they can run pretty far so don’t worry about running around the place. What you need to learn though is that NPCs don’t jump, so only jump when the coast is clear and when you see someone jump blast them!

Opening The Vault

Once there’s 3 Vault Terminals that’s been hacked in by players, the vault will finally open. You’ll then need to go inside the vault using the Blue Guard cover. When you’re inside the vault get a Scientist cover as soon as possible since you’ll need it to access the gold room. The Gold Room needs 10 Intel to open unless you have the gold keycard.

Remember to get more Intel before grabbing the Briefcase since you can use your Q key ability to basically see through walls and see where the other players are when you have the Briefcase.


When you get the briefcase get out of the lab and change your costume. Scientists don’t go out of the vault so you’ll be a dead giveaway, literally if you keep it up. When you have the briefcase your position will be pinged every 10 seconds to all players, with longer pings if you stand still.

Head to the Extraction Point that you think you can go to without any problem and call the extraction.

Congratulations you now know some great tips in Deceive Inc, hopefully you can use these tips to your advantage as you learn more about the different builds and characters in the game!

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