How To Use Clock Boost Ability Explained in Skibi Defense

Attack faster with this ability!

How To Use Clock Boost Ability Explained in Skibi Defense

Obtaining new abilities in games is always fun because you’ll get to experiment and see what the ability does. Sometimes, these abilities can be a bit confusing to players. Perhaps the mechanics or description isn’t properly explained or is just downright confusing.

In Skibi Defense, there are towers with different abilities, and you should know how they work to maximize their effectiveness. The Clock towers and their boost ability can be a game changer in the right hands!

In this guide, we’ll show you how the Clock Boost Ability works in Skibi Defense. We’ll go through how you can use it, what it does, and how you should use it. Now, let’s see what this ability is all about!

How To Use Clock Boost Ability Explained

There are a lot of towers that you can choose to play in Skibi Defense and some of them have different abilities. You should know what these abilities are and how to use them since they can be extremely powerful. Here’s how the Clock Boost Ability works in the game.

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How The Clock Boost Ability Works

When you place down any of the Clock Towers you’ll want to check on its stats. There you’ll find two important stat, the Skip Cooldown and the Time Skip. How the ability works is that the Time Skip amount reduces the cooldown of a tower’s attack.

Skibi Defense Clock Stats
Remember these stats to maximize your playthrough!

So, if a tower attacks every 20 seconds, with a Time Skip of 5 Seconds it will then attack in 15 seconds. Afterward, it will go back to the 20-second cooldown until the ability is used again. That’s where the Skip Cooldown comes in because that’s how often the Time Skip is used.

Using The Clock Boost Ability

Now that you know how the Ability works, we’ll go through how to use it. To use the ability, you’ll want to place the Clock Tower, then place the tower you want to be boosted within the Clock Tower’s range.

You’ll then need to click on the Clock Tower and then click on the “Select Boost” icon on the Tower Menu. Once you’ve done that click on the tower you want to be boosted.

Skibi Defense Select Boost
Remember to keep the towers within range!

Now the clock tower will use its ability to boost the selected allied tower. You can see if the ability is being used by the yellow clock icon appearing when it’s activated as shown below.

Skibi Defense Clock Boost Ability
Time to shoot faster little guy!

Each Clock Tower has its different stat for Cooldowns and Boosts. The main difference between the smaller ones and the bigger ones is the range of their boost with the Titan Clockman having a massive range.

Use this ability on long cooldown units so that you can dish out more damage as time goes on!

That’s how you can use the Clock Boost Ability in Skibi Defense. Now, go out there and try it out yourself! Check out what the best units are in the game with our Best Unit tier list in Skibi Defense for more details!


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