How to Obtain Clock Coins in Skibi Defense (UPD 3)

I would like some Clock Coins. pretty please!

How to Obtain Clock Coins in Skibi Defense (UPD 3)

Skibi Defense 3.0 is a Skibidi Toilet inspired tower defense game. It is available for free on Roblox. If you like Skibidi Toilet like games on Roblox, then this game may appeal to you as well. The game has a lot of different types of towers for you to obtain and use them throughout the chapters.

Clock Coins are one of the important in-game currency and it is pretty hard to obtain. That is why this guide will show you a method through which you can try to grind some Clock Coins. Keep reading to get more information.

How to Obtain Clock Coins

There are two ways through which you can get some decent Clock Coins (one free and one paid). They are as follow:

Timer Clockman Method

For this method, first you need to get the Timer Clockman tower. To do so, go to your Inventory and scroll down to the The Clockmen category. Here you will find the Timer Clockman which will cost you 55000 CC.

Timer Clockman
Free Method.

Now the reason why you need to get the Timer Clockman is because on every kill he gets, there is a 10% chance of obtaining a single Clock Coin.

Best Place to Grind

After you unlock the Timer Clockman, the best place to actually use him is in Chapter 1 (Outpost Invasion). In the beginning of the match, place a Timer Clockman near the enemy spawn location so it can kill the starting weak enemies.

After that, you may want to place some other towers which can generate money for you. The enemies will start to become more powerful so you will have to upgrade your Timer Clockman towers accordingly. Your main goal throughout the match should be to get your Timer Clockman as many kills as possible.

The more kills your Timer Clockman towers get, the higher the chance of getting Clock Coins. If some of the enemies escape past your Timer Clockman, you can place some of your more powerful towers, just make sure to place them far enough so they do not steal kills from Timer Clockman towers. Just keep repeating this chapter until you acquire the amount of Clock Coins you need.

Robux Method

If you do not want to grind for Clock Coins, then you can also convert your P$ to Clock Coins. Getting P4 will cost you some Robux.

Robux Method
Paid Method.

And that is it for this guide, I do hope you found it helpful! If you like playing Anime inspired games on Roblox then I suggest you check out Anime Spirits. To get a head start in the game, read this quick guide: Anime Switch: Complete Beginner’s Guide with Codes.


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