How to Use Ubiquity Net in Genshin Impact | New Event Bantan Sango Case Files: The Warrior Dog

Equip your Ubiquity Net in this new event!

The New Event in Genshin Impact focuses on a case file in Inazuma. The Detective Agency in Inazuma asks for the help of adventurers to help solve the case. This guide will show you how to use the Ubiquity Net and complete Day 1 of the event. 

How to Get The Ubiquity Net

To get the Net, you can go to the event page and complete the initial quest. You will receive the Net after the initial quest and you can equip it in your inventory. You need to be at least Adventurer Rank 30 and have already finished the Archon Quests.

Go to the Investigation Site

After equipping the Ubiquity Net, use the teleport waypoint in Tatarasuna and talk to Ryuuji. Go to the quest area to activate the Mini-game. Once you use the Ubiquity Net it will replace your elemental skill and you have to catch 3 small animals to complete the game. 

Save 3 Animals

The Canine Bunshin will be guarding the small animals so be sure to stay out of its sight and use your Net from afar. You can also use the Smoke Machines and other mechanisms to lure the Canine Bunshin and distract it while you save the animals. 

To use your Ubiquity Net, you need to hold your elemental skill button and aim it on the target animal you need to save. Release the button and the net will capture the animal. The line of sight of the Canine Bunshin is indicated by a red area of effect. 

Fort Fujitou

After saving all 3 animals in the quest area, you need to report back to Ryuuji. Use the teleport waypoint in Fort Fujitou and go to the quest area. Defeat all the enemies and open up the cage to free the animals. 

Completing both quests will give you a total of 120 Primogems, 60,000 Mora, 4 Jeweled Branch, and 4 Hero’s Wit.

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