Icarus: How To Kill A Bear Guide

Beat The Bear And Collect The Raw Materials From It

Icarus is one of the surviving RPG games, so we can expect situations that will be challenging to survive or get through. One of the things that will be tough to survive is getting attacked by a bear. Here we have a small guide on how to deal with the bear.

How To Kill A Bear Guide Icarus

We have two ways or methods you can kill the bear. If you decide on the first method you will need a spear, water, and of course a bear.

This method can be said to be easier and not too risky, there is no great danger that the bear will harm you. All you have to do is trick the bear to get into the water. 

Enter the water first and the bear will enter after you, then dive under the surface, and when the bear is above you just stab her in the head and she will eventually die.

But because we will not always have access to water and we do not normally choose whenever a bear attacks us. 

That’s why you need to know how to kill a bear even when you do not have access to water. 

Of course, the water in Ikarus is not easy to find. So the second method will help us how to kill the bear only with an arrow and a bow. 

All you have to do is learn the bear’s pattern. When the bear attacks you, it will just move towards you. 

Therefore, when she runs towards you, you should also go to her and avoid her on her left or right side.

This way she will practically miss you. All you have to do is take the time you have when she misses you to shoot her in the head with an arrow and she will die quickly.

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