Infection Free Zone: Where To Find Guns?

Arm yourselves, the zombies are coming!

Infection Free Zone tasks you with protecting yourself from hordes of Zombies and hostile Raiders, so you’ll definitely want to know where to find guns.

The thing is, the game lets you use any real-life city you want as the game area. That can make finding guns rather challenging, but the game does have some guidelines on how it distributes guns for each area.

In this guide, we’ll tell you where to look to arm yourself with guns in Infection Free Zone.

Where To Find Guns in Infection Free Zone

Police Station in the world map

Guns in this game are most commonly obtained from two sources: Police Stations and Raiders.

For the most part, looting Police Stations is your safest bet. As you might imagine, the police have better access to weaponry than common folk, so they’re always your best bet for guns and ammo!

Now, the location of these Police Stations varies greatly based on which city you picked when starting the game. You’ll need to explore the area around your base until you reveal a Police Station.

Also, keep in mind that which guns you find are going to be somewhat random.

Other times you might also just luck out and not get guns at all. This mostly happens if Raiders already looted the Police Station before you did.

Encountering hostile NPCs

Speaking of Raiders, you’ll encounter them rarely as you explore your city. They’re hostile and will attack you to try to loot your bases and squads!

Manage to take them out, though, and you’ll be able to loot them and take their resources. This sometimes includes guns.

Note that sometimes you’ll find Neutral Groups as well, which may or may not be hostile. If they do turn out to be hostile, they’ll act the same way as Raiders. So, you might get guns from defeating them!

Arms Production Research Tree

Lastly, if everything else fails, you can make guns yourself by investing in the “Arms Production” Technology tree.

Of course, this will require a lot of resources, but it will allow you to get guns without having to scavenge for them. However, you’ll still need to scavenge for their materials!

Country Rules Affect Guns Rarity

Your City Matters | Infection Free Zone: Where To Find Guns?

It’s also worth noting that which city you’re playing on has an effect on how commonplace guns are. This somewhat reflects the real world, so you can more or less assume how common guns are in a city.

For example, picking a city from the United States of America like Chicago will result in you finding guns more easily. Sometimes you’ll find guns just by looting random homes!

Conversely, picking Germany’s Berlin will mean that guns will be extremely rare and found almost exclusively at Police Stations.

City Selection screen when making a game

This also means that picking certain cities will alter the difficulty somewhat.

Cities with more commonplace guns make it easier for you to hoard armaments and ammo to deal with hordes, but Raiders will also be better armed.

Nonetheless, now you know everything you need to know about where to find guns in Infection Free Zone! Go get armed so you can take on some challenging Expeditions.


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