Infection Free Zone: How Do Expeditions Work?

Explore even more, get even more resources!

Expeditions are one of the most useful features in Infection Free Zone, but how they work can seem confusing and extremely finicky.

You can use them to send your Squads well beyond the usual play area limit, letting you gather more resources. But, as of this writing, Expeditions seem to have a lot of odd bugs and quirks…

In this guide, we’ll give you a basic breakdown of how Expeditions work and what to do if they happen to glitch out for you.

How Do Expeditions Work? | Expeditions Breakdown

Basic Antenna Research

To be able to do Expeditions, you’ll first need to build the Antenna. It’s the first node in the Communication Research Tree, called “Basic Antenna”.

Once you’ve built the Antenna, you’ll receive a call that gives you a tutorial mission for Expeditions.

You can now send Squads far beyond the default city area, letting them explore new tiles on the world map for resources. These far-off areas are called “Expedition Areas” on your map.

Now, all you really need to do is to send your Squad off to one of these Expedition Areas. When they reach the area, they’ll uncover Points of Interest (POI) which you can interact with to gather resources.

Then, once your Squad is done looting everything they can carry, they’ll return back to base.

Expedition Area example

Considering that your Squad is going to be going far off the playable area’s default limits, we highly recommend gearing them up with guns!

At least, that’s how Expeditions should work in theory. However, they seem to be strangely bugged right now, particularly when using vehicles.

Expedition Areas are, by nature, far off from your base so you’ll always want to send your Squads with a vehicle to make it quicker.

Sadly, though, vehicles usually cause the game to glitch out and not progress the Expedition. Oddities like these are one of the perks of Early Access game!

When this happens, no POI will be revealed on the map and the game will ignore that your Squad is meant to be on an Expedition.

Expeditions Won’t Start! | Workaround Fixes

Basic Antenna Missions

The gist of the workaround is: your Squad will have to leave a vehicle in an area besides the Expedition Area you want to explore. Then, they will return to the Expedition Area on foot, which should fix any progression bugs.

However, we do warn you that this workaround can result in your Squad’s vehicle glitching out. They might be unable to use it again after the Expedition!

If you don’t mind that, read on:

To work around the current Expeditions bug, make your Squad stand on one of the borders of the Expedition Area you want to explore. Use your map to send them to the edge of the Expedition Area tile.

Then, make them get out of the vehicle and send them across the Expedition Area tile’s border to another area. It can be another Expedition Area or within your city’s boundaries.

Expedition Area Borders example

After they reach their destination, have them cross the border in reverse back into the Expedition Area you want to explore.

Since they are now on foot with no vehicles, the game will properly register that your Squad is on an Expedition.

Have them complete the Expedition objective, then return to their vehicle and go back to base. As we said before, though, this can be finicky and doesn’t work for everyone.

Other players simply wait around until the game magically “fixes itself”, which is also a valid solution in this case.

Either way, though, Expeditions right now seem to cause a lot of issues even with the potential workarounds.

We highly recommend just avoiding them until the developers update the game with official fixes!

Nonetheless, you now at least know the basics of how Expeditions works in Infection Free Zone and some potential fixes for when they bug out.


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