Internet Cafe Simulator 2: Ultimate Beginners’ Guide

All the things you need to know in running an internet café!

Here we will take a closer look at the Internet Cafe Simulator 2 game, what you can expect from it, what is the quality, what kind of game it is, and other things you need to know at the beginning and so on.

Ultimate Beginners’ Guide: Internet Cafe Simulator 2

To begin with, in the My Skills option, click on the physical options and here you will be able to unlock new abilities for your character.

Turn on body enhancement, stronger punch, training, and other similar things. You also have skills for your Coffee that you can unlock.

Obtaining upgrade points is done by playing the game. You should also know that the only option for saving the game is by clicking on the bed in your house.

If you have a problem navigating the city, press M and you will see the map of the city.

In the second-hand store at the beginning, it is important for you to buy fire extinguishers in case of a fire at the cafe.

At the back of the bar, you have the option to play Blackjack, if you enjoy gambling.

In the garage of the cafe, you can find a PC where you can increase the price of services in your cafe. You can also order upgrades for your coffee, change the walls and buy many things.

For example, in Zamazor you can buy various equipment. When you order something, it immediately arrives in front of the garage. Additional services include buying crypto, paying bills and gambling on slots through your PC.

In the My Cafe option on your PC, you can see the complaints from your customers. So, in the APPS option, you can download applications to correct those things. For example, you can download Steam, Spotify, or Employees.

NOTE: You can always improve your cafe and buy new things for it.

Overall, this is quite an interesting game as there are different options that you can do here.

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