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Far Cry 6 Pagan: House On Fire Delusion Guide | All Ishwaris’ Diaries Locations

Watch out, your house is on fire!

It is time to investigate and learn more about Ishwaris’ whereabouts. The house on fire delusion delves into Ishwaris’ diaries and your task is to recover all of them. Below is a guide on where you can find all the diaries of Ishwaris.

Ishwaris’ Diaries locations — Far Cry 6 Pagan: Control

To begin the Delusion mission, you need to go to Ishwari’s Home on the eastern edge part of the map.  Head north, past the huge tree, and turn right to get to Ishwari’s home.

Pick up the 1st floor key on the doorknob to the entrance of the house.

Go back to the tree and head left this time. Use the key on the blue door and climb up the ladder to your right. Enter the room here and you will see a television. The diary is inside the cabinet beneath the television.

Head back down the ladder and you will see a bookshelf to your right. The second diary is at the very top of the bookshelf. You will also find the second floor key on top of the diary here.

Go back outside and head over to the wooden ramp leading to the second floor of the house to your right. Unlock the door and crouch underneath the door to find the third diary.

While crouching, turn left and you will see a hallway leading to the first floor of the house.

The fourth diary is next to the ladder leading to the second floor of the house. Once you have all the diary pages, go back to the tree.

Be prepared to fight the Tyrant. Collect the Final Diary page to complete the House On Fire delusion.

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