Ixion – Building Layout Guide

Buildings tips to improve your base!

Ixion will have you going through a lot of buildings and structures. There is no said perfect layout that will completely satisfy the end-game but there are certain things that will ease your life by a whole lot. In this guide, we shall show you amazing examples of such layouts. Let’s get started.

Building Layout Guide – Ixion

The biggest thing that everyone gets wrong in Ixion is having a lot of roads. Having more roads will mean that you won’t have the opportunity to make the perfect layout and actually not enough room to cram everything together. That is why we highly recommend having as few roads as possible.

You can go ahead and make your base and layout in this shape and form. As you can see there are just a couple of roads that are lined perfectly in touch and synchronized to the left and right. You will want to have more horizontal roads than vertical ones.

You will want to have 2 sets of buildings in between the horizontal roads. This way you can get them to work faster and you will have a way to get to them from multiple sides.

You will want to have different spacing between the roads. Do not make them always perfect and the same in size, because the buildings in Ixion are not always the same. When you make differentstyled road spacing it means that you can place some other types of buildings after you’ve unlocked them.

You will want to always have the giant buildings crammed up against the edge of the area. Do not overthink it too much because you are going to be able to change it over and over again. So if something feels right, just place it at the moment. Do not be afraid to change it after a while. You get all the resources back when you tear something down too!

It is very good to have certain types of roads for certain sets of structures. For example, you can place Stockpiles in one side and right next to them a whole line of buildings with Crew Quarters from both sides of a road. You can do the Insect buildings all next to each other and so on. This is just to better organize yourself when you get to the later stages of the game.

You can also place the big buildings and walls on the top side of the place. This is mainly for visual purposes since on the bottom you won’t be able to see all of it. The important factories should be placed next to Stockpiles. As is shown in the picture above, make it so.

Follow this layout and you will have the best resources coming and the best base for years to come! Have fun experimenting and trying out your own styles too.

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