JToH: Present of Slime Location (Christmas Event 2023)

Never too late to get presents!

Many games have already finished their Christmas events. Jukes Towers of Hell (JToH) was apparently a little late to the party, but that just leaves you with more time to enjoy a Christmas-themed event. In this guide, we are going to talk about the location of the Present of Slime in the Christmas Event of 2023.

Present of Slime Location

In order to find the present of slime, you should enter the sewers and go through an Obby, you’ll get the Present of Slime at the end. You can find the entrance right next to the Snowy Gifts shop.

Entering the sewers to find present of Slime in JToH.

Once inside, you should turn left when you see exclamation marks on the wall. From that point, just follow the path.

Navigating in the sewers in JToH.

Eventually, you are going to get to maintenance tunnel 4. There, you should complete a small obby to get across.

Maintenance tunnel 4 in in JToH.

How to Pass the Obby

First off, start by jumping on the pipe to your right.

Completing the obby in JToH.

Then, you are going to see another pipe in between two climbing walls. Jump on top of that.

Present of Slime obby in JToH.

After that, jump on the climbing wall in front of you and get to the pipe on the right.

Getting past the obstacles in JToH.

Simply jump across by using the obstacles. After that, carefully get to the platform on the right.

Jumping on a platform in JToH.

You are going to need to go to the right from the point above. Do not try to jump on it directly, as it will most likely fail. Instead, use the climbing wall above your head, and then jump on the platform.

Climbing walls in JToH.

Now, follow the arrow and go to the right. Here, you should be careful not to touch the green pool. Jump on the obstacles, and use the climbing wall to get across.

Standing on top of a pipe in JToH.

Finally, turn right, and the obby part will finally be completed. From that point, you should jump into the pit next to you.

Jumping inside the pit in JToH.

How to Get the Present of Slime

Now, this part might look scary, but it is actually going to be pretty easy. All you have to do is keep jumping by using the walls to get to the top. You do not have to be perfect; a very bad jump will save you too. Just be careful not to fall inside the lava pool.

Pool of lava in JToH.

Once you are at the top, you are going to see the present behind the bars. Jump on one of the pipes to get to it; the bars will disappear as you walk up to the Present of Slime.

Finding the present of slime location in JToH.

This is how you are going to find the present of slime location in JToH’s Christmas Event of 2023. If you are struggling with finding a location in other games, we have a lot of guides covering various Roblox games. Feel free to browse through our platform and see location guides for games like Grimoires Era, RoBending Online, Kaizen, and many more.


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