Grimoires Era: How To Get Sense Mana Location

Sense those around you with this ability!

Grimoires Era How To Get Sense Mana Location

Sometimes Roblox game developers just love hiding NPCs in weird places and it takes a lot of effort to find them. Mainly because there seems to be big long-standing tradition to not put maps or mini-maps in their games.

In Grimoires Era, there’s one NPC that a lot of people miss out on that can give you one of the skills in the game. That skill is the Sense Mana ability and to get it you’ll need to talk to a certain NPC.

In this guide, we’ll show you how you can get the Sense Mana in the game by looking for the right NPC. The place you’re going to will be close to the natural progression of a character so let’s see where he is!

How To Get Sense Mana Location

The Mana Sense is one of the abilities that you can get in Grimoires Era and the developers were a bit sneaky at placing the NPC. When you progress through the game and hit Level 30, you’ll be tasked with going to get your Grimoire in the game.

SIDE NOTE: Moving through the areas of the game can be a hassle so here’s a detailed guide on how to get a broom, so you can fly around!

As you can see below it’s the path from the Starting Areas to the area where you get your Grimoire.

Grimoires Era To Grimoire

The NPC to get the Sense Mana ability is actually to the left of the area where you get your Grimoire. A little sneaky from the developers since the big monument in the middle takes away all of our attention.

In case you’re not familiar with the exact location of the Grimoire Dealer NPC, make sure to check out our guide for that topic as well.

Grimoires Era To ManaSenseGuy

When you go to the left, you’ll find an NPC called the ManaSenseGuy. There, you can talk to him and pay 5000 yen to try and get the ability. From there, you’ll play a short mini-game where you need to press on dots on the screen for as fast as possible.

Grimoires Era ManaSenseGuy NPC

Once you beat the mini-game, you’ll get the Sense Mana ability! You can then press the L-key to activate the ability!

That’s where you can get the Sense Mana ability in Grimoires Era. Now, go out there and try to get it yourself!

If you want a more comprehensive content to the game, we also have a complete beginner’s guide in Grimoires Era! It’s filled with information about codes, the current meta, and game mechanics.


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