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Which of the game’s clans are the best?

Jujutsu Chronicles is a Roblox game inspired by the hit anime series Jujutsu Kaisen. In the game, you work towards becoming one of the most powerful sorcerers in the world. You get to join and reroll a wide range of clans, and having said that, which of them are ideal choices and which are the ones that you’d do best to avoid joining?

Best Clans Tier List

There are many clans that you can be a part of in Jujutsu Chronicles, and each of them can potentially give you certain stat boosts.

With that in mind, some of them are more powerful than others, while certain clans are essentially useless. This tier list will be based on the stats and other bonuses that they may provide.

Jujutsu Chronicles nishimiya


These clans are among the best ones you can get in the game. They provide the best stat boosts and are considered to be borderline overpowered.

If you manage to reroll into one of these clans, you should refrain from rolling once more as you’re pretty much set for life. The clans that fall into this tier are as follows:

  • Geto (Mythical)
  • Gojo (Mythical)
  • Okkotsu (Mythical)
  • Zenin (Mythical)
  • Hajime (Mythical)

These are all mythical clans, which means that you have a 0.5% chance of rerolling into one of them.

Jujutsu Chronicles gojo


The clans under this tier aren’t bad at all, though they just aren’t as good as those in the top. They still provide decent stats, and you can comfortably stay in one of these clans if you don’t wish to reroll anymore.

One of the clans under this tier is also mythical, though it doesn’t provide too many benefits as compared to its other counterparts and only belongs here due to its rarity. The clans under this tier are as follows:

  • Tengen (Mythical)
  • Nanami (Legendary)
  • Itadori (Legendary)

You have a 9.5% chance to acquire legendary clans, which is significantly higher than mythical. They may not be the very best, but again, they are good enough that you can stay in one if you really don’t want to reroll.

Jujutsu Chronicles itadori


The clans that fall under the B Tier provide pretty average stat boosts. They’re not great, but they’re not too bad either.

You can comfortably stay in these clans if you’ve just started playing the game, but you should absolutely try to reroll for better choices later on. The clans under this tier are the following:

  • Todo (Legendary)
  • Fushiguro (Rare)
  • Inumaki (Rare)

Rare clans have a 15% chance to be rerolled into, and a lot of them are pretty bad or below average (as you’ll see in a bit).

Jujutsu Chronicles fushiguro


These clans provide very little stat boosts and are only good for absolute beginners. Keep them if you have no choice, but it is recommended that you reroll as soon as possible.

  • Hakari (Rare)
  • Kamo (Rare)
  • Muta (Rare)
  • Ieiri (Common)

As the label implies, common clans are very easy to roll into with a 75% chance to acquire one of them.

Jujutsu Chronicles: Best Clans Tier List | Roblox


These clans offer very minimal stat boosts, and there is no real benefit to keeping them even as a new player. The clans under the lowest tier are as follows:

  • Gakuganji (Rare)
  • Hoshi (Rare)
  • Ino (Rare)
  • Ijichi (Common)
  • Kugisaki (Common)
  • Kusakabe (Common)
  • Miwa (Common)
  • Nishimiya (Common)
  • Nitta (Common)
  • Yaga (Common)

And that concludes this tier list. Only time will tell if the developers will buff or nerf any of these, and this tier list may not be as accurate in future updates.

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